I decided to paint a scenery of what I saw the together day when i went to the park with my dog and girlfriend. I don’t really think I am good at painting especially on canvas but I do want to work on it. It is not what I expected, but I do want to work on painting sceneries since it can get very detailed and difficult.

The painting was when we went on a picnic date and we were on a hill and I threw a ball to my dog that rolled down the hill. The view is suppose…


SDGE is offering a summer internship for summer 2021. SDGE (San Diego Gas and Electric) checks on the gas and electric in San Diego. They make sure everyone has operating gas and electricity. They are customer friendly and will help if one is lacking one of the sources. What i’m guessing that this internship will offer is using basic statistics and figuring out how to improve the company.

A way that i would be able to offer value to them is by having someone new to the company and by being someone new to this company. By being someone…

In the beginning of the semester I would consider art as something that is pleasing to the eye. I still think this is true, but I have added some new things to my definition. Art is not just something that brings pleasure to the eye, but it could also come from words. For example, on our last artist essay with Heather Anacker and Krista Feld, they created their work from scratch. Yes, their work was very pleasing but what really caught my attention was the reason behind their work. Their work was based on “comfort” and what made things special…

This week’s essay is focused on two Fiber Artists from CSULB, Heather Anacker and Krista Felds. They hosted an exhibition called “Dwelling” in the SOA Gatov Gallery West and East. They tend to keep many traditional industrial machines such as a sewing machine and creating their own dye. This makes people realize that old works of art have faded away.

Both artists use forms of weaving, sewing and many hands on fabric making. This makes their work more original since they make everything from scratch, unlike buying materials with colors already. Krista Felds shows this part of the exhibition that…

  1. https://padlet.com/crcallejas22/yo2qp9lwu7pstcub

2. I did not know who David was before this activity.

3. I know him a bit better now, I would still need to talk t him a lot more to know him well. We were both busy during this week so we would only chat a bit.

4. Yes, I think this is one of the best ways to et to now someone during this pandemic. It is really hard to make ne friends n times like these because you are restricted from many social gatherings.

5. I think another way to make new friends would be to…

So there was only one video that a classmate posted so I am going off of that one. It is still not great and I think the other one I did was better. My classmate mentioned that I needed to emphasize on the different lengths of the wave length since they change sizes. I tried to do that but one thing I did not check was to see if it was completely dry. I tried to do this quick but I have learned my lesson to be patient. It was the only canvas I had and the closest place was…


I am doing my essay on Suzy Gonzalez. Suzy Gonzalez is an artist based in San Antonio, Texas. Gonzalez focuses on food and art in a way to decolonize art and art history. When Gonzlaez says that she focuses on food, she means going back to her roots and having a plant based diet. She believes that veganism is the best way to connect with her ancestors. Gonzalez decolonizes art by understanding the background to each art material. She mentions that acrylic paints have a Mexican origin while oil paints have a European origin. She understands the…

In this weeks assignment I reviewed

Cameron Hays, Carmen Rea and Angela Hernandez’s artwork.


  1. Favorite albums throughout my time.

2. My vision was to paint album covers that have a special place to me and have some type of history with me. (Left to Right) Ride the Lighting by Metallica, Brother by The Black Keys , AM by The Arctic Monkeys, Las Que No Iban A Salir by Bad Bunny.


  • What is different from my project to the original album covers is that mine do not have the titles on them, but instead have things that pop out in the covers. on the right it is Metallica's album “Ride the Lightning” the actual…

Carlos Callejas

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